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A Blueprint for Murder Colorized 1953: Best Classic Film Noir Thriller

A Blueprint for Murder Colorized 1953: Best Classic Film Noir Thriller

A Blueprint for Murder ColorizedJul. 24, 1953USA77 Min.Approved



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A Blueprint for Murder Colorized, released in 1953, is a classic American film noir thriller helmed by the talented director and writer Andrew L. Stone. The film features a stellar cast including the iconic Joseph Cotten, the captivating Jean Peters, and the talented Gary Merrill. Set against a backdrop of mystery and suspense, this gripping tale follows a sinister plot of murder and deceit, weaving a web of intrigue that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats. With its intricate storyline and standout performances, A Blueprint for Murder remains a timeless cinematic gem in the film noir genre.


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A Blueprint for Murder Colorized Plot

Whitney “Cam” Cameron, portrayed by Joseph Cotten, makes his way to the hospital where his sister-in-law Lynne, played by Jean Peters, is grieving the loss of her stepdaughter, Polly. The atmosphere is filled with sorrow as the devastating circumstances surrounding Polly’s death remain shrouded in mystery. Despite the best efforts of the medical professionals, the cause of the child’s untimely demise eludes their comprehension, leaving everyone in a state of bewilderment and heartache.

Cam holds a deep and profound love for his dear nephew Doug, portrayed by the talented Freddy Ridgeway. As the story unfolds, Cam’s concern for the young boy’s well-being intensifies when Maggie Sargent, skillfully brought to life by Catherine McLeod, the wife of his trusted lawyer Fred, portrayed by the exceptional Gary Merrill, raises a disconcerting possibility. Maggie suggests that the symptoms exhibited by the deceased girl bear an uncanny resemblance to those typically associated with poisoning. This revelation sends shivers down Cam’s spine, igniting a flame of anxiety within him as he grapples with the terrifying notion that his beloved nephew’s life may be in grave danger.

Fred discloses that the testament of Cam’s deceased sibling, whose demise remains shrouded in mystery, designated a trust as the repository for his entire wealth, which is to be exclusively bestowed upon the young boy. In the eventuality of any unfortunate circumstance befalling Doug, Lynne would be entitled to inherit the entirety of this substantial sum.

At the urging of Cam, the police proceed to exhume the deceased girl’s body. During the investigation, traces of poison are discovered, leading to Lynne being summoned to court. However, despite the suspicions surrounding her, a judge ultimately dismisses the charges due to insufficient evidence against her.

In a state of desperation, Cam finds himself at a loss for ideas on how to ensure Doug’s safety, especially when Lynne makes the decision to take their son to Europe for an extended period of time. However, Cam takes them by surprise when he unexpectedly appears during their ocean voyage. Seemingly smitten by Lynne, he engages in a romantic pursuit, concealing his true intentions of orchestrating her demise through a sinister plan involving poison.

After surreptitiously slipping a tablet from Lynne’s belongings into a cocktail, Cam confronts her about his suspicions. Lynne vehemently denies any wrongdoing and goes to great lengths to show that the tablet was simply aspirin. Despite her efforts to convince Cam, he leaves her stateroom feeling uneasy. However, just moments later, Lynne collapses and the ship’s doctor rushes to her aid, saving her life and confirming that the tablet was indeed poison. As a result, Lynne is convicted and sentenced to spend the rest of her life in prison.

A Blueprint for Murder Colorized Cast

The star-studded cast of the film includes Joseph Cotten in the role of Whitney ‘Cam’ Cameron, Jean Peters as Lynne Cameron, Gary Merrill as Fred Sargent, Catherine McLeod as Maggie Sargent, Jack Kruschen as Detective Lt. Harold Y. Cole, Barney Phillips as Detective Capt. Pringle, and Freddy Ridgeway as Doug Cameron (credited as Fred Ridgeway). Each actor brings their own unique talents to the screen, creating a dynamic and engaging portrayal of the characters in this thrilling movie.

A Blueprint for Murder Colorized Reception

The film A Blueprint for Murder was met with predominantly negative feedback from The New York Times when it was first released. The critic criticized director Andrew Stone for lacking the finesse that was present in his previous work, The Steel Trap. The review pointed out the film’s conventional approach to justice and lack of surprises, leading to a lack of conviction in the story. The climax of the film, where the culprit is trapped on an ocean liner with their intended victim and enough strychnine to kill a horse, was described as a farce that had gone on for too long. Miss Peters’ response to the situation was noted as being understandably surly.

In a recent review by Craig Butler from AllMovie, he expressed a relatively positive opinion on the crime thriller film “A Blueprint for Murder.” Butler commended the movie for its moderate level of entertainment, acknowledging that while it falls slightly short in terms of excitement, it still manages to captivate the audience. He suggests that injecting a bit more imagination into the film would have elevated its level of thrill. Despite this critique, Butler recognizes the film’s strong point in its exceptional cast, which adds to its overall appeal. Ultimately, Butler concludes that despite its flaws, “A Blueprint for Murder” manages to compensate for them with its engaging storyline and various plot elements.


A Blueprint for Murder Colorized 1953: Best Classic Film Noir Thriller
A Blueprint for Murder Colorized 1953: Best Classic Film Noir Thriller
A Blueprint for Murder Colorized 1953: Best Classic Film Noir Thriller
A Blueprint for Murder Colorized 1953: Best Classic Film Noir Thriller
A Blueprint for Murder Colorized 1953: Best Classic Film Noir Thriller
A Blueprint for Murder Colorized 1953: Best Classic Film Noir Thriller
A Blueprint for Murder Colorized 1953: Best Classic Film Noir Thriller
Original title A Blueprint for Murder Colorized
IMDb Rating 6.7 1,821 votes
TMDb Rating 6.1 34 votes


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Joseph Cotten isWhitney 'Cam' Cameron
Whitney 'Cam' Cameron
Jean Peters isLynn Cameron
Lynn Cameron
Gary Merrill isFred Sargent
Fred Sargent
Catherine McLeod isMaggie Sargent
Maggie Sargent
Jack Kruschen isDetective Lieutenant Harold Y. Cole
Detective Lieutenant Harold Y. Cole
Barney Phillips isDetective Captain Pringle
Detective Captain Pringle
Freddy Ridgeway isDoug Cameron
Doug Cameron
Harry Carter isWheeler (Uncredited)
Wheeler (Uncredited)
James Gonzalez isJoe Cunningham (Uncredited)
Joe Cunningham (Uncredited)
Ed Hinton isEd (Uncredited)
Ed (Uncredited)