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Some Like It Hot Colorized

Some Like It Hot ColorizedMar. 19, 1959USA122 Min.Passed
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Some Like It Hot Colorized is a timeless classic that has captured the hearts of movie-goers for decades. Now, thanks to the innovative technology of AlwanFilm, you can experience the film in a whole new way. Our team has meticulously colorized and restored the film using the most advanced techniques available, bringing it to life in natural and vibrant colors.

For the first time since its release in 1959, viewers can enjoy the film as it was meant to be seen – with the actors’ clothes, decorations, and faces in their true colors. AlwanFilm’s cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology has been used to enhance the quality of the film and preserve its legacy for generations to come.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan of classic Hollywood films or a newcomer to the genre, Some Like It Hot Colorized is a must-see movie that has stood the test of time. Don’t miss your chance to experience it like never before with AlwanFilm’s colorized and restored version. Join us on our platform to watch the film and discover the magic of classic cinema in a new light.

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Some Like it Hot Colorized is a truly delightful and hilarious comedy, complete with brilliant performances and great writing. This is the sort of comedy that has the desire of sex as part of the plot, and while there have been films that have ignored this, this film embraces it to stellar effect. The plot is brilliant in construction and almost elaborate, about two men escape after witnessing a mob fight, and join an all female band disguised as women, and this is where the film gets complicated. The direction from Billy Wilder is spot on, the cinematography is beautiful and the music is gorgeous. Other than the performances, the real treasure comes in the script, a mother load of classically delicious lines that are not only funny but intelligent as well.

User Reviews4

The performances are note perfect, while Tony Curtis and Jack Curtis give truly wonderful performances, it is the beautiful Marilyn Monroe in a deliciously seductive and sly performance who steals the acting honours. All in all, a truly wonderful comedy, right up there with comedies like Duck Soup and Night At the Opera as one of the best comedies of all time. 10/10 Bethany Cox


User Reviews5

Billy Wilder being as daring as he could with Code still firmly in place decides to stretch all the gender boundaries he could with this comedy in drag. The results some say resulted in the funniest film ever made.

Some Like It Hot concerns a couple of jazz age musicians in 1929 witnessing the murder of informant George E. Stone. Of course the head doer George Raft spots our intrepid duo and Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon are forced to flee Chicago.

The getaway plan. Take a gig with an all woman orchestra going south to Florida. The orchestra has Marilyn Monroe as a singer so the trip will have its pleasant diversity.

After the trouble Wilder had with Monroe on The Seven Year Itch he swore he wouldn’t do another film with her. But United Artists wanted a big name for box office guarantee before he could get the financing and Curtis and Lemmon weren’t big enough. So Monroe was signed and by all accounts the picture was another trial to make for all concerned.


Tony Curtis’s feelings were well known about Monroe, he didn’t like her. Yet his scenes with her were very funny indeed both with him in drag and doing a spoof of his idol, Cary Grant.

User Reviews6

Jack Lemmon was far more philosophical. I saw him in an interview once simply say that Marilyn was a girl with a whole lot of problems and unrealized talent when she died. That’s what you would expect from Lemmon, one of the nicest people ever in the film industry.

Jack Lemmon also got an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor. But Some Like It Hot ran into the year of Ben-Hur sweeping all the Oscars that year. It wasn’t even nominated for Best Picture. Billy Wilder lost for Best Director. The only Oscar it did win was for Orry-Kelly for costume design for those recreations from the Twenties and the special costumes that Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis wore.

Billy Wilder sprinkled his cast with a lot of people identified with the gangster genre. Who more than George Raft who really lived the part in real life. And others like George E. Stone, Mike Mazurki, and Nehemiah Persoff. Pat O’Brien plays the federal man on the trail of the mobsters and in his memoirs O’Brien thanked Billy Wilder profusely for giving him a part in a classic film when his career hit the skids in the Fifties.

Of course the real daring here was Joe E. Brown as the dissolute playboy and his infatuation with Jack Lemmon in drag. Today Brown’s character would be really a gay guy who’s into drag queens and Lemmon after some initial misgivings might just decide that gay for pay pays a lot better than playing the bull fiddle. But the Code while not broken was stretched a might in Some Like It Hot.

A film that didn’t get into the top five in 1959 is now considered the funniest comedy of all time. You won’t get any argument from me over that one.


Also Known As (AKA)

(original title) Some Like It Hot
Argentina Una Eva y dos Adanes
Australia Some Like It Hot
Austria Manche mögen’s heiß
Brazil Quanto Mais Quente Melhor
Bulgaria (Bulgarian title) Някои го предпочитат горещо
Canada (French title) Certains l’aiment chaud
Canada (English title) Some Like It Hot
Chile Una Eva y dos Adanes
China (Mandarin title) 热情似火
Colombia Una Eva y dos Adanes
Croatia Neki to vole vruće
Czechia Nekdo to rád horké
Czechoslovakia (Czech title) Nekdo to rád horké
Czechoslovakia (Slovak title) Niekto to rád horúce
Denmark Ingen er fuldkommen
Estonia Džässis ainult tüdrukud

Finland (Swedish title) Hett om öronenAlwanFilm

Finland Piukat paikat
France Certains l’aiment chaud
Germany Manche mögen’s heiß
Greece (transliterated title) Merikoi to protimoun kafto
Greece Μερικοί το προτιμούν καυτό
Hong Kong (Mandarin title) (festival title) 熱情如火
Hungary Van, aki forrón szereti
India (English title) Some Like It Hot
India (Hindi title) Some Like It Hot
Indonesia (English title) Some Like It Hot
Iran (Persian title) Bazia daghesho doust darand
Israel (Hebrew title) Hamim V’Taeem
Italy A qualcuno piace caldo
Japan O atsui no ga o suki
Japan (Japanese title) お熱いのがお好き
Lithuania Džiaze tik merginos
Mexico Una Eva y dos Adanes
New Zealand (English title) Some Like It Hot
Norway Noen har det hett
Norway (DVD title) Some like it hot – Noen har det hett
Peru Una Eva y dos a
Poland Pół żartem, pół serio
Portugal Quanto Mais Quente Melhor
Portugal (alternative spelling) Quanto Mais Quente, Melhor
Romania (poster title) Unora le place jazul
Romania Unora le place jazzul
Russia В джазе только девушки
Serbia Неки то воле вруће
Slovakia Niekto to rád horúce


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Original title Some Like It Hot Colorized
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