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Space Patrol Colorized

Space Patrol Colorized

Sep. 17, 1966

Seasons and episodes

1Season 1 Sep. 17, 1966



Dietmar Schönherr isMajor Cliff Allister McLane
Major Cliff Allister McLane
Eva Pflug isLeutnant Tamara Jagellovsk
Leutnant Tamara Jagellovsk
Wolfgang Völz isLeutnant Mario de Monti
Leutnant Mario de Monti
Charlotte Kerr isGeneral Lydia van Dyke
General Lydia van Dyke
Claus Holm isLeutnant Hasso Sigbjörnson
Leutnant Hasso Sigbjörnson
Friedrich G. Beckhaus isLeutnant Atan Shubashi
Leutnant Atan Shubashi
Ursula Lillig isLeutnant Helga Legrelle
Leutnant Helga Legrelle
Benno Sterzenbach isGeneral Winston W. Wamsler
General Winston W. Wamsler
Friedrich Joloff isOberst Villa
Oberst Villa

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Space Patrol Colorized Description

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Space Patrol Colorized is a timeless classic that has captured the hearts of movie-goers for decades. Now, thanks to the innovative technology of AlwanFilm, you can experience the film in a whole new way. Our team has meticulously colorized and restored the film using the most advanced techniques available, bringing it to life in natural and vibrant colors.

For the first time since its release in 1966, viewers can enjoy the film as it was meant to be seen – with the actors’ clothes, decorations, and faces in their true colors. AlwanFilm’s cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology has been used to enhance the quality of the film and preserve its legacy for generations to come.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan of classic Hollywood films or a newcomer to the genre, Space Patrol Colorized is a must-see movie that has stood the test of time. Don’t miss your chance to experience it like never before with AlwanFilm’s colorized and restored version. Join us on our platform to watch the film and discover the magic of classic cinema in a new light.

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Space Patrol Colorized by AlwanFilm

Commander McLane and the crew of the fast space cruiser Orion patrol Earth’s outposts and colonies in space and defend humanity from the alien ‘Frogs’.

Dietmar SchönherrEva PflugWolfgang Völz

Space Patrol Colorized Storyline

Commander McLane and the crew of the fast space cruiser Orion patrol Earth’s outposts and colonies in space and defend humanity from the alien ‘Frogs’.

Space Patrol Colorized Details

Release date
September 17, 1966 (West Germany)
Country of origin
West Germany
Also known as
Filming locations
Bavaria Studios, Bavariafilmplatz 7, Geiselgasteig, Grünwald, Bavaria, Germany(Studio)
Production companies
Bavaria AtelierBavaria FilmNorddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR)

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Space Patrol Colorized

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Space Patrol Colorized
Space Patrol Colorized
Original title Space Patrol Colorized
TMDb Rating 7.8 23 votes
First air date Sep. 17, 1966
Last air date Dec. 10, 1966
Seasons 1
Episodes 7
Average Duration 60 minutes